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Our natural recipe is affordable, high-quality food that is made with real chicken.

Eases Digestion

Strengthen Heart

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Our natural recipe is an affordable, high-quality food that is made with real chicken. The most complete nutrition for healthy cats of medium and large breeds. 100% complete and balanced for adult cats with tasty chicken croquettes.

Product Composition

Cereals (5% rice), meat and animal by-products (>75% chicken), by-products of vegetable origin, peas, chicken oil, poultry hydrolyzate, yeast, fish oil and minerals.
ADDITIVES (Nutritional additives): Vitamin A 15,000 IU / kg. Vitamin D3 1,500 IU / kg. Vitamin E 100 mg / kg. Iron (ferrous sulfate monohydrate) 68 mg / kg. Iodine (potassium iodide) 3.2 mg / kg. Copper (cupric sulfate pentahydrate) 9 mg / kg. Manganese (manganous sulfate monohydrate) 6.8 mg / kg. Zinc (zinc oxide) 135 mg / kg. Selenium (sodium selenite) 0.2 mg / kg. Taurine 850 mg / kg. (Technological additives): Preservatives and antioxidants. (Organoleptic additives): Colorants.

Analytical Components:

Provide the daily ration, preferably divided into 2 or 3 servings a day, and always at the same times. The amounts of food can vary depending on the activity, breed of the cat and environmental conditions. Always make clean and fresh water available.